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  • Architetto Stylianos Kountalis
  • Stylianos Kountalis

    Nato sulle sponde dell'Egeo, nella primavera del 1972, Stylianos Kountalis ha sempre tratto ispirazione, nelle sue ricerche progettuali, dalla natura e dal suo rapporto con l'uomo. Ha lavorato per il progetto esecutivo dell'Auditorium-Parco della Musica di Roma e per la
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    progettazione della nuova linea della metropolitana di Napoli. Ma il suo interesse principale si concentra nel campo dell'architettura d'interni e del design, campo in cui conta numerose realizzazioni fra Grecia e Italia.
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Born on the shores of the Aegean, in the spring of 1972, Stylianos Kountalis has always found inspiration in his research, in nature and its relationship with man. Among the many projects, he also worked for the executive design of the Auditorium-Parco della Musica in Rome and for the design of the new metro line in Naples. But his main interest is focused in the field of interior architecture and design, a field that has many accomplishments including Greece and Italy.


Studio in Rome, specializing in renovation and interior design of homes, shops, and construction of installations for exhibitions and landscape architecture.

It offers design services to businesses, professionals, real estate companies, businesses, hotels and private persons.

Is the ideal solution for those who want deeply studied projects of interior and / or exterior architecture, by relying on an architect specialist.

The careful studies of  materials choice, the arrangement of the zones and environments, using sophisticated computer systems, allow us to optimize the cost of design and manufacturing, offering excellent quality of work and low prices.

We will follow you from the initial idea through to completion of the work. Your personal architect will draw up all communal practices, and follow the progress, constantly working with you.